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Do you already own real estate property?

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Creating new, practical structures in today's world is quite a task. There are so many details that craft a building, whether it is a single dwelling or commercial retail; one can easily be overwhelmed by them. After all, we all know building is the easy part; it's the good planning that is hard to find.

New and Existing...Commercial and Residential

That is why here at Surrey Builders, Inc., we are here to help. Because we have been saturated in the building market for so long, we have developed a vast knowledge of not only how to put buildings together properly, but also how to effectively solve the mundane, stressful problems that arise throughout the process of getting construction 'off the ground.' One motto we have created over the years has been, "Good construction is seeing a problem before it happens." Recently we have focused these talents to make the building process easier for not only the builder, but you, the client.

Through our new Consulting Services Program, we are creating a new tool that can be used by virtually anyone. Whether you hire Surrey Builders, Inc. to construct your new project or not, we specialize in some of the following construction planning:

We have encountered many business opportunities in the past, some of which we have taken; others we have allowed to pass by. We feel we have a new opportunity; over the past years we have begun to move towards larger projects in the residential world. We recently completed a subdivision in Blacksburg called, New Kent Luxury Townhomes and continue to move forward in similar projects. We see a vast future in the popularity of these recent endeavors as Blacksburg, Virginia has "hit the map." Virginia Tech and its programs continue to expand and the town of Blacksburg is quickly growing as a professional community. However, just like you, we are looking for a means to make our goals and dreams a reality. If you are interested in Blacksburg investment potential, please consider us as you embark on your future endeavors. We would love to partnerding endeavors

  • How to make better use of space, land and materials
  • How to identify proper placement of building on your lot
  • How to save energy and create a more self-sustainable structure
  • How to determine positive vs. negative features for dwellings
  • How to create and understand design elements
  • We acquire business from a great deal of issues related to the questions above. Many times, home and property owners don't know where to turn when problems arise. As a result, we also specialize in other Construction Consulting Services that pertain more toward existing structures. Some are as follows:

    • How to make better use of space
    • How to begin the process of building additions and renovations properly
    • How to assess structural damage
    • How to fix incorrect construction methods
    • How to make your house more energy efficient